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Show Reults of  HAMILTON van 't Stokerybos

21-05-20111 UCACIB BOBAalst Be
15-05-20111 UCACIB BOBGoes NL
30-04-20111 UCACIB BOBBEST in SHOW Amiens Fr.
27-02-20111 UCACIBHoogstraten Be Best Group II / fourth Best in Show
22-08-20101 UCAC L Best of Breedklubshow Sennenhunden Luxemburg Lu
17-07-20101 UCAC vdhRüdenshow / Maleshow 2010 Germany De
10-07-20101 Ures CACIBParis Championad de France Fr
13-06-20101 UCAC Best of BreedNat. dogshow Lommel Be
23-05-20101 Ures CACIB CAC vdhSaarbruchen De
11-04-20101 Ures CACNational d’elevage Speciality France Fr
27-03-20101 UCACIB CACL Best of BreedInt. dogshow Luxemburg Lu
13-03-20102U Klubshow Zwitserse Sennenhunden Be